Who is the next Captain of the San Jose Sharks?

So who’s going to be the next Captain of the San Jose Sharks? Peter Deboer says the team will have one. There’s been a lot of speculation among fans and some of the media that covers the team, but the team itself isn’t saying and I expect DeBoer has his preferences, but won’t know for sure until camp opens and perhaps we get right up to the start of the season.

That said, I think the obvious candidate is Joe Pavelski, and I’m not entirely sure why he wasn’t given the position last season by Todd McLellan. So you can put me in with the majority that assume it will be him. It likely will be and should be.

But what about the alternates? There are a number of options and which DeBoer chooses will give us an indication of his views on this team’s makeup.

Marc-Eduoard Vlasic is one of the players on my short list, as is Logan Couture. Given the team has switched back from “build for the next generation” mode to “we can win now”, does the team give an A to one of the older veterans? I think so, and my vote would go to Joe Thornton.

Could the team instead think about bringing in one of the younger kids into the captain’s circle? Maybe a Matt Nieto or Chris Tierney? I don’t think that’s as likely, but I wouldn’t rule out the thinking.

But my choice would be to go with Pavelski with the C, Joe Thornton with an A, and Vlasic and Couture alternative with the other one.

We’ll know soon what the new coaching staff which, of course, is what really matters.