Welcome to the new sharks. they look familiar

That blown lead — not missed tripping call — has Sharks shaking their head after 4-3 shootout loss | Working the Corners:

For what it’s worth, nobody in the Sharks locker room seemed remotely satisfied with a well-played game that didn’t result in two points. No, it was a glum place after that 4-3 shootout loss to the Dallas Stars. And, as the print edition story linked in the right-hand column, emphasized the Sharks were beating themselves up for failing to hold onto a lead in the game’s final minutes.

The good news: the last couple of games, the Sharks have been playing better. the guys brought in at the trade deadline have been definite helps. And now, they’re losing because of bad bounces instead of because their deserving to lose. That’s a step on the process a team often takes as it finds its way out of a slump.

The bad news: they’re still losing, and this still looks to me to be the Sharks team we can expect to see for a while. I’m not seeing the “okay, we’re getting on a run and we’re clearing the table” out of this team yet.

Although also on the good news side, Niemi seems to have mostly woken up from whatever nap he was taking.

This is not yet a team that has “deep into the playoffs” written on it. Nor do I see signs of that changing.