Round 3 predictions

The plot so far: I went 7-1 in the first round. And in the second round….

I picked Washington and Boston. Got the Bruins, I still have no idea how the Caps blew that series. Fro that matter, I bet the Caps have no idea how they blew that series, but perhaps we should just plan on not ever betting against an Yzerman team, even if he’s not in detroit. I will give full kudos to St. Louis and Roloson. They really deserved to move on, and Washington did not.

Boy, I’ll bet in January a lot of people were looking forward to a Pittsburgh and Washignton eastern final. Well, that’s why we play the games…

And in the West, I picked Vancouver and San Jose (in 7!) — and we have Vancouver and San Jose. Oh ye of little faith, it’s not the first team to three wins, its the first to four. Although honestly, the San jose andwings deserved one or two overtimes just to extend the season a bit. it was that tight a series, both teams deserved to win.

But only one could, and the Sharks did it.

So I’m 10-2 for the playoffs so far. By far, my best playoff call ever. so far.

So now what?

In the east, having just said not to bet against Yzerman, I will. Boston in 6, on the back of Tim Thomas. I just think the Bruins are a better team. and if Tampa again proves me wrong, that’s awesome. But I expect the Bruins to win through.

And in the west…. wow.

I’m not sure who I prefer between San Jose and Vancouver, to be honest. So I’m going to pick the Sharks in 7, but I’m hoping it’s another barn burner of a series like San Jose and Detroit was. I think Luongo and Niemi cancel each other out in terms of shut-down capability, and so it’s going to come down to 2nd and third lines and how well san jose can contain the Sedins.

So. Boston in 6. San Jose in 7. And I honestly feel I could be wrong in both series and not feel bad about it.

I can’t speak to much in tonight’s game because, honestly, I only saw the first period before we went out to dinner with a friend. We did, however, after taking a vote, pull out a phone and tie it to for updates every 15 minutes. I have the game on PVR, but right now I’ll probably look forward, not bad. (for what it’s worth, the restaurant is one we go to about once a quarter, Tigelleria. And it’s awesome. It’s usually worth about $125 a person with wine and tips, and I consider it a great value. The duck breast and carrot soups tonight were out of this world. And we still spent significantly less than our former seats would have cost us to sit in tonight…)

And I’m going to be in Yosemite for game 1 and I may or may not be back from that trip to see game 2. I am, shall we say, crushed.

Not. Which is not to say I’m not interested. And won’t be watching closely when I’m in town or grabbing scores when I can. Just taht right now, hockey is not the do-or-die priority of my life. I know. Sacrilege. Given how many years I’ve missed the Yosemite dogwood blooming for the sharks, I hope they understand…..

So now there are four teams left — and all are awesome. The hockey has been awesome. The fan response has been awesome. And have you noticed how the canadian hockey writers, especially out of Toronto, are trying to talk about possible lockouts and seeing what negative things they can write rather than actually accept that maybe the hockey right now is pretty damn good? It’s too damn bad those folks are unable to just enjoy the sport for what it is, and instead try to revel in negativity. Perhaps that’s a reason why the rest of us should stop reading them….

Dear hockey writers: there’s plenty of time in the offseason for you to complain about everything you don’t like about hockey. How about, right now, shutting up and enjoying the damned sport for a few weeks? Nah. never happen, because then, the fans might focus on how good things are right now instead of paying attention to you, as we all know the center of the universe ought to be the toronto hockey writers. and larry brooks. always larry brooks, who’s an honorary ontario hockey whiner…

onward to some damn good hockey, with or without the hockey press! actually, preferably without….