post season things to be thankful for

I want to give thanks for a couple of things:

First, thanks to the Washington Capitals for making it past the Rangers. Both because I really am enjoying watching the Caps (a really good team with great players and some notable flaws) roll into the playoffs. It’ll just be fun to see how far they get.

Second, thanks to the New Jersey Devils for a game 7, last minute meltdown that both knocked them out of the playoffs (sorry, guys!) AND the Sharks out of the primary slot of the “how could they screw up that badly?” on the talk shows. While the Sharks implosion in the playoffs was bad, the Devils game 7 loss was historic.Doesn’t mean the Sharks problems are less serious, it just means I don’t have to read/listen to everyone dwell on them quite so enthusiastically.

I have my own thoughts on “what next?” for the sharks, of course. Wanted to get away from the emotion of the moment a bit, and I’m waiting to hear what injuries weren’t being disclosed, although to be honest, some of the folks I know who work in the locker room hinted to me there’s nothing significant, at least not among the players I’m most disappointed in. More on this later, but to be blunt about it, the pundits out there (you know who you are) who are looking at Lemieux and Roenick or Blake, or at Nabokov, are looking in the wrong place. This wasn’t a failure of the third and fourth lines, or of the old farts.

Although I did hear an interesting (apocryphal) story that after game 2 in round one, one of the minority owners in the  owners box threw a chair, made a comment (loudly) about “nobody over 30” and stalked out of the box, not to be seen again the rest of the series.

that said, I’m finding Jeremy Roenick’s comments very interesting and saying more than most people realize, especially given some other things Roenick has done recently. It speaks to me of the direction I see the team needing to go. But — that’s for later.