Drop the puck!

It’s hockey season again, so we dusting off the blog and getting back to work…

Hope you all had a great off-season!

With the baseball season ending here in the household a couple of days ago (Cubs lose! Cubs lose!), I’m now officially ready for hockey to start.

We missed the first two pre-season games in San Jose while we were in Yellowstone, but made the third, and to be honest, I like what I see. Aspects are a work in progress, but it’s definitely not Ron Wilson’s team any more. More aggressive, offensively focussed, puck control. Just like (gasp) the Red Wings.

And to be honest, much as I liked Campbell, Boyle was my first choice. Now he’s a shark. So is Rob Blake. Will Jeff Friesen? I have to admit, I’m rooting for him.

I am so very much looking forward to opening night on Thursday, to see how the team handles things when it’s for real.

I have plans to contribute more regularly here now that the season has started, and I have some interesting things (at least, interesting to me, hopefully to you as well!) that I want to do this season, if life cooperates — many of them are things I planned last year, but life simply didn’t allow. This year, we’re thinking, will be less — complicated, so we can move them forward.

The one thing I’ll admit to here at the start of the season — I’ve got a series of postings I’ve been working on under the overall theme of “how to make the NHL better”. Note: not “how to fix the NHL”, because unlike some, I don’t consider it broken — but it can always be better. some of the things I’m going to talk about are pretty straight-forward, some of them are obscure, and some of them are going to be either silly or outright flamebait, but hopefully, it’ll get people thinking and talking.

Stay tuned, and we’ll see if you agree.