Who’s the next Sharks coach?

The media is pulling out all of the old names: Quinn, Burns, Hartley. Amusing, but… that’s why they’re media, and the media guys doing that are guys you should stop paying attention to. They’re pulling it out of their butt, and not worth the time you waste reading them.

Who’s going to be the next Sharks coach? I certainly don’t have the answer, but I can think of a few names that I expect the Sharks to think about.

One is Roy Sommers, who’s been cultivating the kids and doing the loyal person thing down in Worcester (and K.C., and Kentucky, and…). At some point, someone’s going to notice him and give him a shot in the NHL, or the Sharks are going to move him up to the parent club. He’s good, especially with younger players, and a lot of the current sharks were taught by him and coached by him during development. Which sounds a lot like the story of Bruce Boudreau, no?

Joel Quenneville intrigues me. He did some good things in Colorado, can deal with younger players, and has success. His system would work well in San Jose.

But two names that the big name folks aren’t as likely to think of, and both have Sharks connections:

Tony Granato, former Shark, former Av coach and Av assistant coach.

Mike Sullivan, former Bruins coach, and former Shark.

Both have history with Doug Wilson, both have good coaching credentials, both have history with the Sharks (which is important to the Sharks, alumni credit goes a long way here) and with Doug Wilson, and both are really class individuals who handle people well.

And frankly? Colorado could do a lot worse than hire Ron Wilson…. especially if they hire Melrose, or Quinn, or Hartley, or…

The day of re-hiring retread old-school coaches is going away folks. Except for old-school media types (and franchises like the Leafs, who will hire a “big name” and then wonder why they continue to suck….). The hockey player of today is a different kind of player, and it’s time for the newer, up and coming coaches who understand that to come and coach. Not just bring back the same old names that have been fired 20 times before for the same old reasons…

Don’t believe me? Look at Calgary and Keenan. Brought in to “take taht team to the next level”. the “next level” was the same number of regular season points, and the same first round exit. Way to go, Mike. Nice improvement. Only now, the players up there are unhappy,b ecause Mike’s not exactly a “people” guy, especially around goaltenders. Fortunately, the Flames goaltender isn’t anything special, so it doesn’t matter if he’s unhappy, right?


The ONLY “old school” coach I’d consider hiring for any position in the NHL is Pat Burns. The day for guys like Quinn and Hartley and Keenan is past. Smart franchises understand that… Adn the Sharks are a smart franchise.