2008 Playoff predictions.

Still not at the point where I’m hockey blogging reliably yet, but wanted to get this in (and once I free up some time and energy, I have some stuff I want to get written….)

So here’s my predictions for the 1st round and my picks for the cup final. One thing I can guarantee: gonna be some fun hockey in the playoffs.

Western Conference:

(1) Detroit vs (8) Nashville: seems like a no brainer, but Nashville’s had their number this year to some degree. However, Detroit has this ability to step it up in the playoffs, and it’ll be interesting to see how well they do that. Nashville is going to try, but I’ll take Detroit in 5.

(2) San Jose vs. (7) Calgary: I don’t think the Flames can beat the Sharks. I do worry that Kiprusoff and Iginla can. If they choose to take over the series, watch out. I don’t think it’ll happen. Only the Sharks can beat the Sharks, and this year, they don’t seem to be planning on it. Sharks in 5.

(3) Minnesota vs (6) Colorado: The western match that just doesn’t interest me much. I do think Colorado will take it, I don’t think either team gets out of the second round. Colorado in 6, but someone wake up the goal judges…

(4) Anaheim vs (5) Dallas: Here’s the series I’m rooting to be long, to be full of overtime, to go 7 games. anything to let these two teams beat the crap out of each other. I do think Anaheim will prevail. I don’t know if it’ll be four games or see, but I don’t see much in between. I think Dallas has a chance — I don’t think Dallas will succeed at taking it. Anaheim in 6.

coming out of the west: San Jose (well, duh)

Eastern Conference:

(1) Montreal vs. (8) Boston: to me, the only gimme in either conference. Maybe because Boston hasn’t been able to beat Montreal since Dryden was in goal? Montreal looks to have the easiest (note: not easy) path out of the first round here, perhaps a rested team will make later rounds easier for them. Montreal in 4.

Note: every time I turn around, I see someone else doing the “the last time a rookie….” thing and comparing Price to a young Patrick Roy. Talk about a load to lay onto a youngster ON TOP OF actually having to win in the playoffs. However, I haven’t seen much to indicate the kid isn’t able to handle the pressure, but whoof. Let him win a series before sending his number into the rafters, folks.

(2) Pittsburgh vs (7) Ottawa: My sens fans are gonna hate me for saying this, but Ottawa is little better than Boston here. Unlike Boston, I don’t think “happy to make the playoffs” will make losing in the first round better. Pittsburgh in 5, and Ottawa needs some serious help. and a #1 goalie that isn’t a walking braincramp (hint to emery: when you win, you’re eccentric. when you stop winning, you’re a cancer. any questions?)

(3) washington vs. (6) Philadelphia: oh, what a run. And may it continue. the Caps are fun to watch. I’m not sure how the Flyers are going to handle them, and I like Huet better as a goalie, proven or not. Capitals in 6, and here’s hoping they make life interesting and miserable for the east for a while…

(4) New Jersey vs. (5) NY Rangers: I hate betting against Martin Brodeur — but I will. I’m not hugely thrilled by the Rangers, either — both teams are flawed — but I think the reign of the Devils is over. Rangers in 5.

coming out of the east: Montreal.