thoughts on the Buffalo/Carolina series.

I was truly impressed by both teams. Evenly matched, fast, aggressive, giving no quarter. And while it’s a tough day in Buffalo — they have nothing to be ashamed of.

And while Buffalo did the “Black Knight” thing — constantly losing key pieces while claiming it to be flesh wounds and nothing to notice — they actually DID find a way to carry on, despite losing four key defensemen and a top-six forward. that they even made it into game 7 is in some ways a miracle (actually: an indication of the guts the team showed); that it took until period 3 for Carolina to take the lead and then put it away was amazing.

Some folks I’ve talked to have made this sound like Carollina isn’t the team people say it is; I think the opposite is true, that Buffalo did things nobody had any right to expect of them. Health and experience finally won out, but the Sabres should be proud; and a bit angry, and use that anger to drive themselves next year….

But thanks, to both teams, for some really wonderful, memorable hockey.