Conference Finals projections

My conference final predictions….

But first, round 2:

Edmonton/San Jose (SJ: nope)
Colorado/Anaheim (Anaheim: yup)
Ottawa/Buffalo (Ottawa: nope)
New Jersey/Carolina (Carolina: nope)

1-3. um… yeah. thanks, anaheim, for helping me avoid a total blackout.

So I was 5-3 in the first round, one of the best records I’ve had for a while.

So I’m now 6-6. Still .500, which gets you in the playoffs. Of course, both of my original “final round” picks are gone….

And in the finals:

Edmonton/Anaheim: Edmonton in 7. Anaheim’s rested, maybe too much. But very evenly matched, but I’ll give this one to Edmonton for the experience — Peca and Pronger and company have me convinced.

Buffalo/Carolina: Carolina in 7. Again, it’s youth vs. experience, rest vs. ready, and deep down inside, I’m going to choose Carolina for having Weight and Brind’AMor, and at this time of the season, it’s the gut=check guys that come to the front and carry the play.

Both series are very evenly matched. Any of the four can (and should) deserve a shot at the Cup. Ultimately, this is shaping up to whoever has the biggest hero wins the next series, and Edmonton and Carolina have guys who understand what it takes to be a “conn-smythe” type player; and that’ll ultimately be the difference this round and next. To me, the Cup, or not-to-Cup, lies on the shoulders of Pronger, Peca, Weight and Brind’A’Mor.

and that indicates battles of epic proportions are likely. Should be some really killer, kick-ass hockey.

me? I am now firmly rooting for edmonton: not only do I think they’ve earned my respect, if the team that beats the sharks beats everyone else, it makes the pain a bit more tolerable, no?