Game four goes to edmonton

The Battle of Alberta:

I think Chopper speaks for all Oil fans when he says:It would be more enjoyable if we were up in the series,” said Moreau. “But I love this hockey – it’s great, it’s fast, it’s physical. It’s a great product. It’s two teams that are competing very hard, two teams that skate well.True dat.I have no grand observations other than I think that the winner of this game will win the series.

I think that might be correct.

Gotta hand it to Edmonton tonight. They found the crack in San Jose’s armor and ripped it wide open. San Jose’s been humming along, feeling invulnerable and playing like it. No more.

Now, we get to see whether San Jose can deal with that. It’s no longer an easy decision to pick the Sharks in this series (if it ever was. I picked them in six; it’s easier to pick them in six than living through them playing this series for six games….). On the other hand, Edmonton is going to have to win in San Jose; if both sides keep winning home games, the Sharks move on in 7.

But edmonton had to find a way to break through. they did. Now, it’s clearly the Sharks on the defensive, having to find a way to push back and take momentum back. Game five has to be a great game for the Sharks, or they’re in trouble.

(will they? I think so; that was their first truly stinker game of the playoffs, if you ask me — but I’ll give full credit to Edmonton for forcing San jose into stinking… San jose didn’t play flat, san jose was flattened.) I can’t even say “the sharks looked tired” as an excuse; they didn’t. They simply got seriously outplayed.

It’s now a best of three, and anyone’s guess. Game 5 MAY tell the story; especially if Edmonton wins it. But this puppy is going at least six, and I wouldn’t be surprised at all to see San Jose win at home, and Edmonton follow, and it all come down to Game 7 and who can dig deeper. If that happens — then Anaheim’s the real winner….

Makes me feel that whatever happens, the REAL final round with the east will be an anti-climax. We’re seeing the real final rounds now; the worry may well be whoever comes out of the West is too tired and beaten up to beat the East, not that the East is better.