Round 2 predictions

My Round 2 predictions….

But first, a look back at Round 1. I picked:

Detroit/Edmonton: Detroit in 5
Dallas/Colorado: Dallas in 6
Calgary/Anaheim: Calgary in 6
San Jose/Nashville: San Jose in 6.

(that makes me, um, 1-3 in the west, where I know the teams better. Great work, chuq)

Ottawa/Tampa Bay: Ottawa in 4
Carolina/Montreal: Carolina in 5
New Jersey/Rangers: New Jersey in a fight.
Buffalo/Philly: Buffalo in 6.

(where I magically went 4-0)

So I’m 5-3 in the first round, one of the best records I’ve had for a while.

2nd round:

Edmonton/San Jose: San Jose in 6. I just think San Jose is rolling, better offense, better goaltending. Pronger worries me, as always. he can carry a team, and will.

Colorado/Anaheim: Anaheim in 6. I just don’t think Colorado is stronger.

Ottawa/Buffalo: Ottawa in 7. Series to watch this round in the east. gonna be fun.
New Jersey/Caroling: New Jersey in 6. the better team, with Brodeur.