NHL playoff predictions

yup. time to prove myself an idiot in front of friends and family (and you)

My choice to come out of the Western Conference: San Jose

My choice to come out of the Eastern Conference: New Jersey

Stanley Cup Winner: San Jose

(other candidates:
West: Detroit, Calgary
East: Ottawa, NY Rangers)

Western Quarterfinals:

Detroit/Edmonton: Detroit in 5. Edmonton just doesn’t have the firepower.

Dallas/Colorado: Dallas in 6. I don’t think Colorado stacks up well here; I like Dallas, just not deep into the playoffs this year (if they meet the Sharks, the sharks match up very well against them)

Calgary/Anaheim: Calgary in 6. The series to watch in the first round out west. It’l be interesting to see what’s left of the winner and whether they have anything left for the rest of the playoffs. Low scoring, very physical and the teams don’t like each other.

Nashville/San Jose: San Jose in 6. Lots of folks wanted to go for the seeding with Nashville when Vokoun went down. Not me. Chris Mason isn’t a great goaltender, but he’s good enough to go on a “mission from God” for a series or two. I’m worried this could be an upset by the Predators, but I can’t see Mason taking them a round or two on sheer guts. It won’t be easy, but I think the Sharks can overpower them. (then again, maybe the balloon will pop and the Preds will go out in four. I just don’t think so)

Eastern Quarterfinals:

Ottawa/Tampa Bay: Ottawa in 4. Tampa just doesn’t impress me. Does Ottawa need Hasek back to go deep, though?

Carolina/Montreal: Carolina in 5. Sorry, habs fans.

New Jersey/NY Rangers: series to watch in the east in the first round. New Jersey should win; the Rangers won’t go quietly. Could get brutal.

Buffalo/Philadelphia: Buffalo in 6. I’ve been burned too often by Philly in the playoffs to pick them in a series. they always seem to find a way to lose. This year, it’s forsberg’s groin and rathje’s hip, and, oh, pick a goalie that wants to be the starter…