so, what about the Joe Thornton trade?

I was tied up moving plaidworks to the new server when the thornton trade went down. Just BEFORE it happened, I was going to post that the Sharks needed to do something, and try to get a top-6 forward (preferably center) to bolster the team.

I certainly wasn’t thinking about Joe Thornton. Which is why Doug Wilson is the Sharks GM, and I’m sitting on a blog suggesting we need someone like, oh, like a Scott Thornton. (By the way, I just want to note that Trent Klatt is still not playing hockey, and while he might need some time in Cleveland to get in game shape, his fight with the union notwithstanding — he’s someone who might improve the sharks and bring some of the spark we’re missing with Scott Parker on the IR again. Not in the fighting sense, but in the lead-by-example form.

Anyway, there’s only one way to describe my reaction to the Thornton trade. It is, of course, to channel the ghost of Joe Piscopo’s The Sports Guy:









To be honest, the Sharks gave up a lot — Marco Sturm is a great player and Brad Stuart while he hasn’t been the same since his head injury, still has a upside and even the way he plays today is a top four defenseman, and Wayne Primeau is one of those lunchpail guys that teams need and which will give them a lift by playing quality minutes and bringing a good work ethic and attitude with him. This trade works nicely for Boston is Stuart and life his game up a level, closer to what he was expected to be as a kid, and I think that’s very possible.

On the other hand, this is a no brainer for San Jose. None of the guys the Sharks gave up make the players around him better. Stuart is replaceable, Primeau is easily replaceable, and Thornton is, well, a lot better than Sturm — and he makes everyone on the team better.

So, wow. It’s a gutsy trade by the Sharks, giving up three roster talents (beyond that, two top talents and a solid contributor, not minor leaguers, not draft picks, not fill ins. that’s significant depth to lose) — but it’s a no brainer. o it in a second, without quesiton. I’d give up MORE to get Thornton (anyone want Nils Ekman? cheap?) — which makes me wonder what Boston was thinking? To me, the best they can hope for here is to minimize the PR disaster in the making.

As cousin Scott Thornton noted “what team wouldn’t want Joe Thornton?” — um, Boston. 29 other teams, on the other hand, would have been happy to take him off their hands, but the Sharks made it happen. The Bruins are going to regret this…

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