The Sharks come up five wins short

five wins short of perfection.

Before the loss — anything less isn’t good enough. But after, I find I can relax and appreciate what we had, how far we went. Especially given the previous season, and how quickly and unexpectedly this happened.

I haven’t had this much fun in years. Just watching this team is fun.

So thanks, Sharks, for helping me re-find the joy of just sitting back and being a fan again.

Watching them last night, I saw a team that desperately wanted the win — and didn’t have enough left in the gas tank to drive the car. Calgary wasn’t much better off. Ultimately, I think going through Colorado took us out; that series and the altitude, I think, is what drained us just enough that we couldn’t keep up with Calgary for four wins.

that and injuries. I haven’t heard an injury list yet, but think about it: No Marco Sturm. Alyn McCauley is hurt. Scott Thornton is hurt. Haven’t heard about Ricci, but if he’s NOT hurt I’ll be astounded. Rathje’s hurt. McLaren’s hurt. The only question really is HOW BADLY? What were they playing through?

Who else? But just look at those names — and we still were a goal short in game 6 of the conference finals.

There will be changes, some players won’t be back, some new players will cycle in. the Sharks have to get better yet, and we see that opportunity. But that analysis is for later. Now, I’m going to just sit back, relax, enjoy the season for what it was (wonderful! damn good! beat all possible expectations. lots of fun) and wait to see who takes up Lord Stanley. Four wins left in the season, and we’ll have all summer to worry about next season. It can wait.

And so, it will.

Thanks, guys. relax. you didn’t fail, much as it feels like it today. Be proud — and build from today next year.

But worry about that later. Now is time for sleep and healing and reintroducing yourself to wives and children and girlfriends and dogs, and golf and hunting and whatever. Especially the whatever part. Hockey will return soon enough…