NHL conference final predictions

let’s see. 4 of 8 in the first round.

2nd round? sharks, flames, tampa, toronto (grump). 3 of 4.

7 of 12 for the playoffs.

Third round?

San Jose/calgary: should be a huge goaltender battle. I’ll be amazed if either team scores 3 goals in any one game. I don’t expect many games with three goals combined — but it’s going to be high tempo, fun, in your face hockey. possibly lots of overtime. Very closely matched, but I’ll take the Sharks in 6.

Tampa/Philly: the strategy for every team facing the bolts is “they’re small. hit them and make them pay”. And the Lightning are in the conference finals because, basically, you can’t hit what you can’t catch, and teams have generally ended up running around and out of position trying to catch them, and when they do, Lecavalier and St. Louis bury them. I see no reason why Philly will be any different. Esche will make it easy, but I don’t see the Flyers advancing. Tampa in 5.

One octopus down. One octopus to go. Eight wins, guys.

Go sharks!