And the stanley cup winner will be…

this is a tough series to choose. I think the teams are very evenly matched. People who see Anaheim as a 7th seed and a cinderella haven’t noticed their first 40 games really reeked, and their last 40 games they played as well as Detroit did.

It’s going to come down to Brodeur and Giguiere, which goalie plays better and handle the pressure. Normally, I’d pick Brodeur for his experience in playoffs and stress situations, but I really like how the Ducks and Guigiere are playing. They’re still in “mission from god” mode, with “nothing to lose”, and seem to have sidestepped much of the stress that way.

going out on a bit of a limb, I’ll pick anaheim to win this cup. And I’ll pick them to win in 6 games. My gut tells me 5, but my head doesn’t believe it’ll be that easy.