Darryl Sutter fired…

Shows what I know. Less than 24 hours after saying I didn’t think he was the problem, Lombardi fires Darryl Sutter. that’s why Dean Lombardi is GM, and I’m writing speculation in a weblog….

From a posting from the sharks list today….

speculation here, pure speculation.

But… given that sutter threw a hard practice at the guys this morning, one has to think if the Sharks were going to make a move today, they would have made the move BEFORE practice. So it seems to me the decision to make the change was made sometime after practice started. Also, Barry Melrose said on ESPN he talked to Raeder two days ago (Friday, I guess) and Raeder had no idea anything was going to happen.

The fact that they’ve called in Wilson and Raeder to mind the store implies this is a last-second, weren’t planning for this, thing. Especially if Raeder wasn’t even in town for the change, as seems to have happened.

Which means, IMHO, that Something Happened.

here’s one thought on this.

Lombardi was clearly not happy with team performance. He wasn’t happy last night. Sutter calls practice for 10:30 and skates them hard for a couple of hours. During that time, or immediately after practice, Lombardi starts talking to the players (either that, or he saw something AT practice that made up his mind…). It evidently didn’t take long for him to decide to fire Sutter — at 10:30, he’s a coach, at 4PM, he’s an ex-coach. In the meantime, Lombardi has to find Greg jamison, make his case, get the approval, get Wilson and Raeder on the phone (and onto planes), find Sutter, let him know, and then call in the media staff and players to make the announcements. busy afternoon.

So something the players were saying made Lombardi decide to do this today. It seems to have happened so fast he couldn’t even work out having Roy Sommers come up temporarily to coach, he cobbled up something he could do immediately.

So however it happened, it seems to have happened very quickly, with no planning, and no notice. Makes one wonder, but at least Lombardi’s not being indecisive….

Now, as to coaches? Stay tuned.