2002 playoff round 2 predictions

(just realized I didn’t post these up front. Honest, I dind’t change them…)

But first, I come clean on round one.

Western Conference:

Detroit/Vancouver: Vancouver in 5.
for two games, I was right. Then they found the real hasek, and
the real cloutier, and it was all over. The Canucks did answer
a significant question, though — is Cloutier for real? Answer:
hell, no. But I hope they take a close look at Peter Skudra.
Kelly Hrudey thinks he ought to be considered for starting, and
I tend to agree.

Colorado/LA: Avs in 6.
Okay, Avs in 7. Close enough.

San Jose/Phoenix: San Jose in 5.
yup. Next.

St. Louis/chicagl: Chicago in 5.
oops. Brent Johnson came to play, and thibault didn’t. Chicago needs a
a goaltender. We still need to see if St. Louis does.

West: 2 of 4.

Eastern conference:

Boston/Montreal: Boston in 5
congrats to the habs and Jose theodore. I won’t complain, they flat out
beat boston…

Philly/Ottawa: Philly in 4
I will never, ever, ever predict a win by the flyers as long as
Bobby Clarke is attached to that organization. Never. Ever. Again.
I’ve lost too many bets to assuming that this time, the Flyers won’t
find a way to tank. Idiots.

Toronto/Islanders: Leafs in 6
but do they have anything left?

Carolina/New jersey: Jersey in 4
Yeah, right. The more I watched this series, the more I came to
realize that their division sucked, but the Canes didn’t. Very
under-rated team, and Jersey just didn’t click well. Weekes
flat out-played brodeur late, and Irbe out-played him early.
the big question is whether their goaltending will continue
to carry the day, and which goaltender will do it.

Eastern record: 1 of 4. Damn you, Philly.

3 of 8? Pretty lame.

Okay, 2nd round:

Western convedrence:

Detroit/St. Louis: Detroit in 6
Vancouver had a chance. St. Louis won’t.

Colorado/San Jose: San Jose in 7 (double-overtime)
Can you say “evenly matched”? Can you say “long, nasty
and a hell of a lot of fun to watch?” Can you say “only
reason I didn’t declare it a tie is I can’t?” Luck,
bounces and injuries will make the difference here.

Eastern Conference:

Toronto/Ottawa: Toronto in 6
I just think toronto si better, with better and more reliable
goaltending. Ottawa needs to strike early while the Leafs are
still tired and beaten up.

Carolina/Montreal: Montreal in 6
I think the teams are close, I like Jose theodore more in goal.
I would not be too surprised to be proven wrong.