Historic Hockey Archives

Laurie and I were very active in the online hockey community in the early days of the internet, back when online communities were small and personal. We were season one season ticket holders with the San Jose Sharks and had season tickets with them for 20 years. We also ran the San Jose Sharks fan mailing lists from 1992 until we handed it over to new owners in 2005. 

I also wrote about hockey a lot on my blog, starting in 2001 and finally deciding to retire from hockey writing in 2018. This site archives that writing, since it is part of a historical data set about hockey, the NHL and the Sharks for those years. If you want to browse the archives from the Sharks mailing lists, you can do so here (you can also browse the companion Sharks-Chat list that we ran from 1994-1998 here).

Those lists were part of a large hockey community of email and other lists we ran. At it’s peak, we managed 35 lists on sporting topics, including at the time the largest mailing list for minor league baseball, the first major community for supporting women playing ice hockey, lists for 17 NHL teams and a number of lists for players, coaches and referees. 

In the early 2000’s, big site started moving into sports and creating online communities, and interest in the lists waned, and we were ready to take a break, so we started winding down our managing these communities. Some of these we handed to new owners where there was interest, others we just retired. Most lists were retired by 2003-2004, but our final list closed down in 2008. 

If you have any questions about this site or the list archives, you can contact me at chuqui@mac.com